Stock Photography


Photography is an age old practice that traces its origin many years ago. Photography has been used to preserve important historical issues. There are many different types of photography as determined by what type of photograph is to be taken, legal issues surrounding the photography and the reason for taking the photograph. On type of photography that has stood the test of time is stock photography.

Stock photography is a type of photography that involves taking photographs that are licensed to be used for specific reasons. Stock photographs are actually different types of photographs that are about different themes. They could include themes such as prominent leadership and nature. The photographs would thus be taken of such situations or such features to be used for different reasons.

There are three different types of lifestyle stock photographs. The first one is Macro-stock photography which includes high end and highly priced photographs. This cluster includes photographs of important phenomena that can be used for official purposes. The second one is mid-stock which includes middle-valued photographs that are mainly used online. The last one is the micro-stock photography that includes low-priced photographs.

Stock photographs are priced differently depending on several factors. First of all, the reason for which the photograph is being taken can be a driver of pricing. Secondly the quality of the photo could also be used to gauge the value of the photograph. Stock photographs are usually sold for use by different people. This means that they usually have legal ownership and that is why transfer from one person to another must be legally binding. To understand more about photography, check out

Legal implications of stock photographs can be traced to legislation that has been put in place in different countries. First of all there are public domain licenses that are usually issued for stock photographs that can be used by the public without limitations. The other license is the royalty free license. This license gives the buyer of the photograph leeway to use the photograph as he or she wishes subject to a one-time payment for the license. Lastly, there is the rights-managed stock photography license. This allows for use of the photograph only once after payment for the license.

Stock photo can be bought and used for different reasons. First of all, they can be used for advertisement. Since stock photograph could have different themes, one can buy any that relates to whatever he or she wishes to advertise. Secondly, stock photographs can be used for specific functions or events on a one time basis. People wishing to procure stock photographs for this reason would be well advised to pay for a rights-managed license.


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